Nike Run Club Data Export

I love the Nike Run Club app and use it for every run I go on. The interface is incredible and provides a lot of cool summary / overview data of each run, including mile splits, and various permutations of visualizations showing combinations of your elevation / pace / total distance / GPS location throughout the run.

Being a pydata enthusiast though, I eventually faced the familiar and primal urge every data-scientist knows all to well: the need to access the raw data. Brilliant UI / UX interface and stellar user-friendly platform be damned, I need the raw CSV / XML / KML files and yearn to load it into pandas in a Jupyter notebook!

Maybe I’ll do some munging, aggregating and filtering. Maybe I’ll import matplotlib, bokeh, altair or plotly and make some cool charts! If I’m feeling ambitious, maybe I’ll even start doing crazy geospatial shit like haversine distance or analyzing the impacts of relativity on time and distance throughout my run (don’t discount those spatial dilations when I hit breakneck speeds of 8:30 Minutes / Mile 😅).

Anyways, these dreams must be put on hold because Nike doesn’t offer an a la carte data export feature in the app or online. Fear not, I have discovered a way to still access this data — my dreams of data need not be forsaken!